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Grinif Dorothy Milky Cream (Whitening and Wrinkle Care)

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Whitening and Wrinkle Care - Whitening face / Premium Whitening Cream

Dorosy milky cream is effective against wrinkles that make skin tone brighter to have dualism cream.  Now sprinkle the milk on the face as well as body-colored skin can be as beautiful as you want it to be.

Want to see a miracle on your skin with a cream? not bb cream?

Your skin will become white on immediate action after applying milky cream.  It has a whitening functional certified multi care dorothy milky cream!

Skin will become white as apply and it can also solve skin concern by whitening functional ingredient.  Not sticky and less grease but Fresh and Thin Spreading

[How to use dorothy milky cream? ]

  • Tap lightly for absorption after basic skin care
  • Remember to use small amount at the first time
  • You can apply more amount depending on the how bright you want your skin to be.

[Utilize dorothy milk cream x 2 ]

  • If you mix with cream at the last step of basic skin care, you can get a more natural skin result
  • Can use it as a make up base
  • Can mix it with BB cream or foundation for a brightening result of your skin
  • If you use on your body, please mix small amount of body lotion with the milky cream for a more natural look

[Features] Containing citrus extract (containing 30 times more vitamin C than lemons) and makes it bright and clear skin. Whitening, anti-wrinkle possible bifunctional. Can also be used for face and body.

[Capacity] 50ml

 [How to Use]

  1. Pad water off your face after cleaning face wash.
  2. Apply proper amount (not too much) and rub off
  3. Apply on face or elbow, knee, etc.
  4. Can experience a skin that shine like milk.


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