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GRAY MELIN Trouble Solution Special Gel Cream (Moisturizing/Nourishing)

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Moisturizing and Nourishing effect to control and care the excessive sebum - very kind gel cream

The moisture comes out, even if you have grease outside your skin and feel dry inside your skin.

Are you feeling annoying because of your excessive sebum? Let's start moisture skin care right now with trouble solution special gel cream.  Solve the dryness and skin concern at a time with non-sticky moisture gel cream!

No alcohol / No pigment

Various nature-derived extracts care the greasy and dry skin without any skin harmful materials.

Product Features:

  • Moisture gel cream makes the skin feel comfortable
    • It is tangle jelly type so there is no stimulation to the skin. Add the moisture to help caring clean and clear skin.  Absorb the sebum so there will be no more greasy and provide the vitality the sensitive skin so very good for skin care.
  • Prevent clogged pores and make your skin clean
    • Eliminate sebum, dead skin, etc. and so prevent clogged pores into your skin layers.  In addition, help pore contraction so care excessive sebum creation.  By Fast absorption, it helps skin on improvement and makes the skin moisture.
  • Recommend to all-age of greasy & oily skin
    • Provide the water fast to sensitive and dry skin. Maintain moisture and softness.  Control the oil and water balance for oily skin and provide the water fast for sensitive and dry skin.  All ages can use and especially good for sensitive skin.  Soothe the skin and keep smooth.
  • Make skin smooth and add moisture
    • Control the excessive sebum secretion and help oil and water balance. Take care of tired and stressed skin effectively so make the skin fresh and smooth.

How to use Trouble solution Special Gel cream - organize your skin with cleansing toner, essence and emulsion every morning and night.  Then apply trouble solution Special Gel cream, massage slowing onto the whole face.

[Size] 50g

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